Join us for a talk on economics by Dr. David Kutzik on May 26, 2017.

Title: Political Economy: Neoliberalism, Extreme Economic Inequality and Political Crisis.

Abstract: Political economy is the interdisciplinary study of the dynamic connections between economic and political institutions, networks and actors.  Neoliberalism is the dominant political-economic theory and practice of global corporate capitalism characteristic of the past four decades.  As both ideology and organizing principle, neoliberalism has resulted global domination of transnational corporations, massive shifts in the geography organization of global industrial production and the dramatic transfer of wealth from middle class and stable working class populations to the proverbial 1% of the corporate rich and to a lesser extent the top 10% of professional-managerial income earners with devastating results for the majority.  Shrinking labor forces, massive consumer debt, public sector privatization and monetization of ‘everything’ have resulted in economic and political inequality and corporate domination in the United States and other ‘rich’ reminiscent of developing nations in the 1970’s. This talk will examine the facts, causes and effects of neoliberalism and consider where things might go from here.

Bio.  Dr. David Kutzik is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Anthropology at Drexel University. His two most recent publications are “On the emotional logic of capitalism” (Contemporary Sociology, April 2017) and “Automated behavioral monitoring for frail populations: technical solutions and business model challenges” (in Gerontechnology, S. Kwon, ed., Springer Publishing Company November 2016).


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