Immigrants and Refugees

Presentation by Dr. Nicholas V. Montalto on April 28, 2017

Title: How Does Immigration Research Help to Inform Current Public Policy Questions

Abstract: In an era of highly-charged debate on immigration, often based on fear, misinformation and demagoguery, what light can the research community shed on immigration public policy questions?  This session will examine the nature of migration in the modern world, the economic and social impact of immigration on American society, how law enforcement interacts with immigrant communities, the challenges facing the refugee resettlement program, the meaning and importance of immigrant integration, strengths and weaknesses of the current immigration system, and the rationale for immigration reform.

Brief Bio: Nicholas V. Montalto is president of Diversity Dynamics, a consulting firm dedicated to effective policy and practice in the field of immigrant and refugee integration. He previously worked as CEO of the International Institute of New Jersey, where he helped to design many innovative programs to help immigrants reach their full potential as new Americans. He has also served as President of the NJ Association for Lifelong Learning, Chair of the Board of Directors of the NJ Immigration Policy Network, and Treasurer of the NJ Statewide Network for Cultural Competence. Through a partnership with the Graduate School of Social Work at Rutgers University and the Immigrant Learning Center, Dr. Montalto coordinates the American Immigrant Policy Portal, a web site devoted to the wider dissemination of evidence-based research on current immigration public policy questions. Dr. Montalto holds a doctorate in American immigration and ethnic history from the University of Minnesota and is certified as a trainer by the National Center for Cultural Competence at Georgetown University.

Watch Dr. Nicholas V. Montalto’s presentation by clicking below. Please start discussion below.


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