Watch Dr. Jason Orne’s presentation with the link below

Title: “The ABCs of LGBTQ”

Abstract: LGBTQQIAAT.. The alphabet soup of ways to identify as a gender and/or sexual minority group member can be a mouthful, but behind the many letters are a shared experience of difference from the straight and cisgender majority. This talk explores the experiences of gender and sexual minority groups from seemingly basic questions like “what’s the cause of sexual orientation?” to tough policy issues like “Now that we have marriage equality, what’s left to do?” We’ll also explore the differences within the experiences of these minority groups, from the intersection between race and sexual orientation to transphobia within the queer community. Whether you’re new to learning about LGBTQ people or have lived as a queer person your whole life, this talk with answer questions about LGBTQ life, and perhaps lead you to ask some new questions of yourself.

Bio: Jason Orne, PhD is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at Drexel University. He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As an urban ethnographer, his research focuses on the importance of sex to queer male sexual communities and the transformation of gay enclave neighborhoods, “gayborhoods,” especially the sexual, gender and racial consequences of these changes. This research is discussed in his book, Boystown: Sex and Community in Chicago (2017, University of Chicago Press.) Currently, he is preparing projects on sexual and racial health disparities in queer populations surrounding alcohol use and PrEP adherence through sex-positive, spatially-sensitive, and pleasure-based lenses. He specializes in qualitative methods, including interviewing, focus groups and ethnography. Before joining Drexel University, he co-founded the academic consulting firm, Qualitative Health Research Consultants, which collaborates with medical and public health faculty on the qualitative components of nationally-funded research.


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